A Multimedia Narrative

My boss Rusty Gardner is the most easygoing person I know. He can be infuriatingly laid back, especially in times of crisis but his strong work ethic and leadership skills have earned him a reputation as “the fixer” in IT; he has overseen the resolution of countless problems over his long career in Academic Technology.

I’ve met many people throughout my life with interests that I can safely classify as “obsessive”; Rusty’s obsession is boats. This dude loves boats. In addition to holding down a 40+ hour a week job in IT, he also runs his own online boating reference and guide, Florida By Water. Rusty apparently decided there wasn’t enough to do in his day so he also became the co-owner of a marina and boat rental service.

Rusty’s appreciation for the ocean and the tropical life is reflected in his approach towards living. He has purchased so much Margaritaville branded merchandise Jimmy Buffett was probably able to add an extra wing onto his mansion thanks to Rusty alone. He is driven to succeed but never lets a chance to relax pass him by.

I appreciate and admire Rusty’s resilience and tenacity through adversity and I hope some of his best traits rub off on me.