MDW #11

by cjcoughlin

My research paper will detail the rise of online learning and the impact it has made on traditional learning methods. I will approach the subject as both a student and an administrator of a learning management system. Here are a few sources I will cite in my examination of the modern LMS.

Understanding the Implications of Online Learning for Educational Productivity

This report from the US Department of Education gives a high-level overview of distance learning. There are many facets to an online education that do not exist for face to face classes and this is an effective primer for anyone unfamiliar with the concept. This report is comprised of a great deal of research from many different sources to provide the “official” word on distance learning.

Being Present – A Critique of Online Education

As big of a believer in the idea of online learning as I am, I believe it is important to include criticisms of it in my paper as well. In this article Bob Samuels makes his case for the value of a face to face education, free from the distractions of outside influence. Samuels makes valid points, although I don’t necessarily agree with him in regards to classroom experiences, especially in regards to the elimination of digital distractions to the students.

Is Your LMS Social Enough?

Major companies such as Blackboard and Canvas have placed more and more emphasis on social media integration and functionality within their LMS’s. It seems it is not enough to just pass information back and forth between applications like Facebook and Twitter, the LMS itself should contain a sharing and social collaboration within the system itself. I would like to explore if this is just a distraction or if it could serve a greater purpose towards connection students.